ATLANTA -- Georgia Olympian Elana Meyers visited patients at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta on Monday.

The silver medalist bobsledder had not even left Sochi when she started making plans to come to Scottish Rite.

"Anything I can do for them to put a smile on their face, I'm going to do that," Meyers.

Meyers says this is the great thing about winning a medal: everyone wants to see it, and you -- the perfect opportunity to share her message of hope.

"I have this thing that I was able to do, but it's because I worked hard and I didn't stop believing in myself," Meyers said. "I think today there are too many kids that don't believe in themselves, don't believe they can overcome their obstacles.

Elana has had plenty of her own. From equipment problems, to the crashes, to the mistakes that cost herthe gold. In her blog written on the way home she admitted, still being "haunted by that last run."

But silver seemed just fine for those that greeted her late Saturday night at the airport. Still, Meyers says it was important to be open and honest.

"When you have those kinds of emotions and you put it out there raw, you're able to show the world a different side to athletics," Meyers said.

Meyers said that one of her obstacles growing up was being bullied. She said that she was geeky and academic and people wanted her homework. She said that motivated her to go into sports.

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