WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- Sgt. Eli Patterson, Georgia Army National Guard, wounded in Afghanistan, reunited with his wife and one-year old son in late January, after spendingnine months undergoing surgeries and rehabilitation at Fort Gordon, Ga.

He says the support he has received from the community has been overwhelming. But there was one more thing he really needed and 11Alive's Help Desk set out to get it.

This one was not inside the house, it was outside.

"A backyard cleanup. We have downed trees and limbs and underbrush that would be a huge blessing to our family and especially our son if they could be removed. It's the labor side. I can do minor lifting right around the crutches, but I have only a three foot wingspan,"Patterson said.

But Patterson was for a surprise.

As he stood on his porch, along came U.S. Army Airborne Veteran Ron Childs and his crew from the Thunder Tree Service in Norcross.

"That's pretty incredible. That's totally unexpected," Patterson said.

Down came dead trees and out went limbs and underbrush.
The crews worked nonstop to get the entire back yard cleared out.

"This blows me away," Patterson said. "This is more than we would have expected. This right here -- what you are doing -- means a lot to me and means a lot to my wife and my son."

The crew was able to clear the yard by the end ofthe day.

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