AUSTELL, Ga. -- The Riney family's Austell home was gutted by a Cobb County sewer backup more than a month ago. At this point, it has come down a matter of where the money is to make the repairs.

County officials have assured the family that they would pay for all the repairs but so far nothing has been done.

"They said there were going to make it whole," Leslie Riney said. "That was their policy. But they sent an adjuster out and he said they were going to depreciate everything."

For Riney and her family that meant a $40,000 repair bill being cut by almost $10,000 with the homeowners expected to shell out the difference.

"It was not our fault," Riney said, "It wasn't our liability. We are kind of stuck in the middle of this so we want to see it put back."

11Alive's Help Desk contacted Cobb County, insisting that a deal was a deal and they had to stick by it --$40,000 to put the house back together; no depreciation, no cutting of corners.

After hearing from the Help Desk, the county did just that. The Riney family is now waiting for their $40,000 check and for the work to start.

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