ATLANTA -- A north Atlanta couple says they're dropping a complaint against a church soccer league that used an old Atlanta Public Schools field for practices and games.

While Claire and Mark Murray said the noise from the games was a problem, they said they were really concerned about what else APS could use old property for without consulting neighbors.

"This is not youth soccer, it's not about kids playing in the field," said Claire Murray. "In this case, it was soccer. But what's the next case going to be? What's the future look like? Could they lease it for a concert? Could they lease it for a stadium to have lights?"

A "Let the Children Play" petition against the complaint had nearly 3,000 signatures. Hundreds of parents planned to protest the complaint at a hearing on Thursday, but now the Murrays said they won't take it any further.

A proposed ordinance just introduced Monday would limit use of APS property.

"The goal here is to have family-friendly activities, daytime youth programs, fundraisers and parent education," said Atlanta City Councilmember Yolanda Adrean, who proposed the ordinance.

While that seems to solve the big problem, Claire Murray did say the soccer league noise is still an issue. The organizer of that church league says they're working with neighbors here to limit playing hours on Sundays.

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