SMYRNA, Ga.---A raging fire on Sunday night destroyed at least five apartments at Ashbrook Crossing, but for a police officer who lived in one of them, the first priority was saving lives.

Shawna Wiggins, an Atlanta Mounted Police Office, smelled smoke, saw the fire and -- with her 9-year-old daughter -- got out quickly.

Her husband, Shawn, an Atlanta City firefighter was at work.

But paying no attention to everything left behind, Officer Wiggins went back to the burning apartment building.

"I went to the backside of the building and started pounding on doors to wake people up. There was one particular apartment that we couldn't tell if there was anyone in there or not. It was engulfed in smoke and I broke their window with my fire extinguisher and I didn't know if anyone was in there but I figured that would wake them up," she said.

It did just that.

The two women inside escaped as flames rose through their floorboards.

But for the Wiggins family, everything they owned was lost.

The Help Desk moved quickly got to work.

"Macy's is going to provide you with a $1,000 gift certificate to buy all the clothing you need; Rooms To Go is going to provide you with a complete living room and bedroom set; and Costco at Cumberland is going to give you a big screen TV and lots of things for your 9 year old," 11Alive's Bill Liss told the family.

Help for other families is on the way with neighbors setting up a special Pay Pal Account.

The 11Alive Help Desk will attach that information to this story as soon as we have it.

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