ATLANTA -- Right now, in Georgia, hundreds of nurses are currently sitting without licenses, through no fault of their own.

The Secretary of State's office is in charge of approving licenses for nurses across the state. According to a spokesperson, one technical error by one employee has left 739 nurses out of work.

Nurses in Georgia needed to submit the documents to renew their licenses by January 31. Hundreds who did so this year learned their licenses had nevertheless lapsed.

"Now I'm out of money until I get my license fixed," said Katrina Joyce, who has worked as a nurse in Metro Atlanta for eight years."There's not enough of us already, and this definitely doesn't help that issue."

Two years ago, nurses dealt with a different issue. The state legislature passed HB87, an immigration bill that, among other things, required nurses to confirm their citizenship to receive licenses. It created such a backlog that hundreds saw their licenses lapse.

This year, we're told, it's a different issue. But the result, for hundreds of different nurses, is the same.

"I'm still sitting here waiting," Joyce said.

A spokesperson for the Secretary of State's office expects the issue to be resolved by week's end. He says the employee responsible for the error no longer works with the office.

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