(WXIA) -- Consumers who are wondering what their credit score is can find out for free The advertising-supported website monitors consumers' credit reports and then figures outan estimated score for free. Credit Karma requires consumers to give their Social Security number. The company has an A+rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Another way to get your score for free is toapply for a Barclay's,Discover It or First Bankcardcredit card. All three of those credit cards offer free access to your FICO score.

A limited number of Wells Fargo Bank Customers are also being offered free credit scores. The bank is conducting an online
pilot in which a small number of randomly chosen online banking customers will have the opportunity to receive a free credit score and complimentary credit report. The goal of the pilot is to test a new way that Wells Fargo can help our customers understand their current financial situation in order for them to make informed decisions.

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