ATLANTA -- Author Emily Giffin was among those included in a prestigious group of accomplished writers labeled "Atlanta's literary society" in a Vanity Fair spread.

The New York Times bestselling author has a corner on the chick-lit market. She's been telling stories since childhood. While mom and dad were likely the only fans of her work, now she has millions of fans.

Emily's first novel, "Something Borrowed," was a hit in 2004. The story about a troubled friendship and love triangle became a film starring Kate Hudson and was produced by Hilary Swank.

While success came fast after her first big hit, getting there took some time. Her career path was circuitous.

Emily graduated from a top law school and worked in litigation in Manhattan, but it wasn't her calling.

"I was constantly devising a plan to exit, to get out of that culture," Giffin said.

So while working and paying off student loans, the Chicago-native was also writing her first novel. While that book never went to print, the rejection letters didn't discourage her.

"It allowed me to have the confidence to say, 'I can do this again and I can do it better,'" Giffin said.

Just before turning 30, she moved to London to write full-time.

"The reason I was able to take that huge risk, to quit the safety net of a law career, was because I was so thoroughly miserable," she said.

A year and a half after leaving New York, "Something Borrowed" was picked up by a publisher.

A decade later, now married, a mother and living in Buckhead, the New York Times bestselling author has 11 million copies of her six books in print worldwide. Her seventh book is about to be released.

Known for her whimsical, colorful covers, the newest novel, with a new publisher will not only look different, but tackles different material.

"My characters have grown up -- as I have," she said. "I wrote the first book when I was 29. I'm 42 now, so I think some of the issues, have a little more substance to them."

Emily's next novel, "The One and Only," is due out May 20. In the meantime, she's working on a screenplay for a second movie based on her hit, "Something Blue." She also dreams of another big project: a TV pilot possibly based on her sixth book "Where We Belong."

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