ATLANTA -- The metro's menagerie is growing.

Sandy Springs has the turtles. Downtown has the dolphins. And now Buckhead has Bucks on the Street.

In fact, it's a whole herd of creative statues that are designed to put an eclectic brand on the city's most upscale community.

"We were like 'We love that!'" enthused Donna Kain, co-creator of the campaign. "We wanted something really fun in Buckhead. We wanted to bring 'bucks' to Buckhead, literally. How appropriate could it have been to have something that is so symbolic to our community?"

Kain is a local businesswoman, who along with fellow businesswoman Elizabeth Gill, came up with the novel idea of using the bucks on the street as the latest in a new species of advertising.

Indeed, more and more companies have begun to use animals to brand their products and services. It was just a matter of time before communities picked up on the trend as well.

For the campaign in Buckhead, artists are commissioned to take the iron template to new levels for each sponsor.

"They have done such a fabulous job as taking something as silly as a buck and painting him as something so creative and fun,"Kain said. "And it just tells the story of Buckhead."

Money raised by the sponsorships goes to the local nonprofit Livable Buckhead, which focuses on sustainability and green-space issues in the community.

And while the stags are still a bit of a mystery to many passers-by, they get the job of getting your attention done.

"I think it's interesting,"Eric Brown said as he walked past the statue at the Buckhead Marta station. "I think it's one of those things that gives you some kind of attachment to your community."

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