ATLANTA -- MARTA announced Sunday that the Breeze system was fully restored and capable of accepting debit cards as well as credit cards and cash from customers after a software glitch crippled the system more than a week ago.

MARTA officials had issued a statement before the Labor Day weekend advising customers to bring cash in order to use the system, and saying then that debit and credit cards would not be able to be used to pay for Breeze cards due to a software glitch. Card functions were similarly offline for a shorter period in August, and debit card functions were offline for a period in May.

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In a statement, MARTA says San Diego-based vendor, Cubic, which designed, produced and maintains the Breeze card fare collection system that MARTA uses, worked with MARTA engineers to fix the problems that have plagued the system.

According to Cubic's senior vice president and general manager Richard Wunderle, the problems were due to a malfunction of an upgrade to the system, calling it "an extremely unusual situation."

In a statement, Wunderle said Cubic was "confident in the new safeguards we have put in place will further strengthen the protection of MARTA's customers' payment account information."

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