ATLANTA -- "When Matt Bryant kicked it through the uprights, I mean, the building exploded," Sean Fowler told 11 Alive News.

That's how the General Manager of Stats Bar described the reaction of his staff and customers to the last minute Atlanta Falcons win last Sunday.

The atmosphere of the Marietta Street eatery was much calmer on Tuesday, but Fowler hopes it will explode even more this coming Sunday, especially his cash register.

"A lot of money is being pumped into the local economy based on the Falcons this year," he said.

Just ask any of the other entertainment spots in downtown Atlanta's Luckie Marietta District, which is only a few blocks from the Georgia Dome.

They won't say exactly how much money they rake in, for security and competitive reasons.

But you can bet they feel it and it helps keep them alive.

"It means that we survive like the Falcons, to live another day," said General Manager Steve Thompson of Max's Pizzeria.

Like most of the businesses in the area, he'll be adding extra staff for the next playoff game.

Many of those hungry fans also need a place to spend the night, like the Hilton Garden Inn across the street.

"The hotels are filling up and restaurants are really doing well, so the excitement is definitely there," said Mike Hanmer, Regional Sales Director for Legacy Hotel Partners and Restaurants.

Like the Falcons themselves, the economic boom has been building steadily each week.

"There's been a collective sigh of relief every single week that we've been moving forward in the playoffs," said Sean Fowler at the Stats Bar.

"When the Falcons win, the city wins, businesses win, everyone wins," he added.

The Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau can't cite a specific dollar amount for the Falcons fallout.

But one economic study estimated the average NFL home game brings in about $20 million dollars, one third to one half of which is in player salaries.

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