(WXIA) - Atlanta-based Coca-Cola plans to team up with the parent company of single-serve coffee brewer Keurig to bring a single-serving countertop Coke machine to market soon.

The joint venture with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters will create a design similar to the wildly successful Keurig machines, and keep the Keurig name.

Coca-Cola announced Thursday that it's paying $1.25 billion for 10 percent of the coffee roasting company.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the Coke-Keurig machine -- called Keurig Cold --will work with pods, in a similar fashion to the existing Keurig coffee machine line. The Coke pods will contain two chambers - one with Coca-Cola syrup, while the second chamber would contain a type of carbonation capsule that will be released when the drinks are made. The new Keurig soft drink machine will also offer pods for non-carbonated cold drinks including tea, juices and sports drinks.

The machine differs in design from SodaStream's home carbonated drink machine, which has been on the market for several years.

Coke and Green Mountain have not indicated what the cost of pods for the new Keurig soft drink machine would cost, though the Journal report says the machines themselves are expected to fall between $100 and $200. SodaStream's competing machines start at about $80.


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