ATLANTA -- As most of the country struggles against a bad economy, hasidentified eight cities expected to show "surprising job growth" in the next few years.

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Atlanta is listed amongthe citiesthat will likely become "job-creating machines," according to the personal finance website. It predicts an eight percent job growth in Atlanta, or 180,000 new jobs over the next five years. The articles goes on to say that many will relocate to theregion because of its size and diversity.

The website cites four companies that will play a major role in the growth: AT&T Mobility, Newell Rubbermaid, UPS and Southern Company.

11Alive News reached out to each of those companies to find out more about the expected jobs.

AT&T spokesman Lance Skelly said the company currently has hundreds of positions open in metro Atlanta, ranging from sales to technical support. Skelly said the company places an added emphasis on employing veterans. To learn more about the jobs or to apply, go to

Newell Rubbermaid is also looking to fill open positions. According to public relations director Connie Bryant, the company has more than 50 local openings, many of thosein marketing and engineering. for more information.

Two other companies are anticipating more growth over the next five years. UPS says most of their openings will range from entry level positions in sorting and package operations to more specialized areas like freight drivers. You can learn more about those jobs and apply on UPS's website.

Southern Company will be beefing up their Atlanta-based staff to support two new reactors in the worksat Plant Vogtle. Spokesman Steve Higginbottom said many of the positions will require specialized training in IT and engineering. For more information, visit Southern Company's website.

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