SNELLVILLE, GA - A strange coalition came together at a Gwinnett County news conference Monday to try and help save a therapeutic horse farm from eviction.

It included activists from the Occupy Our Homes movement, Snellville's Mayor and the entire City Council, as well as parents of patients and other community supporters.

"It just kills me to see it go like this," said Parkwood Farms volunteer Ginger Jones as she choked back tears.

"I just get so much out of working with the kids and the horses," she added.

After eleven years of helping calm children with disabilities like autism and down's syndrome, Parkwood Farms is facing foreclosure.

Owner Dr. Marilyn Peterson said sheriff deputies showed up last week with an eviction notice, but left after telling her they had nowhere to take the horses.

The horses have since been moved for their safety, but owner Peterson vows to resist.

She blames her two year battle on a predatory loan and a mortgage company that isn't playing fair with her modification attempts.

"I really haven't done anything wrong; they were the ones that broke the laws," she claimed.

Several parents also spoke about how the horse therapy has transformed their children when nothing else could.

"She can be in the middle of a complete breakdown," Barbara Deboer said about her autistic granddaughter.

"If you put her on the back of a horse, by the time she comes back, she is absolutely mellow," she added.

In a town whose slogan is "Everybody's Somebody," Snellville city leaders also pledged their support for what they called a tremendous asset to the community.

"I think it is evident by all of the council being here today along with myself, that as individuals we are committed to doing whatever we can to help Parkwood farms, whether it be financially, legally or emotionally," said Mayor Kelly Kautz.

11 Alive News was unable to contact the farm's mortgage company because it was closed for the Veterans Day Holiday.

Right now the eviction is tied up in federal court, but owner Peterson is still afraid sheriff deputies could return at any moment.

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