ATLANTA -- Carlon Bradley is legally blind.

He has spent more than a year trying to get Social Security disability benefits andhas gotten nowhere.

With no income coming in, he applied to the Social Security Administration for his disability benefits and even hired an attorney to make sure all the paperwork was right.That was more than a year ago.

Bradley has been waiting, since then, however nothing has happened.Now, he can't afford the mortgage on a house he has lived in for more than eight years, and he is facing foreclosure.

At the Social Security Administration, his paperwork was in limbo, while his life was in chaos.

When the 11Alive Help Desk found out about his issue they had one immediate goal -- get his benefits.

And within 24 hours they did.

"There wasn't enough money to go. It's been a year and half since I've worked, but it's all here now. Thanks to (Marietta attorney) Ron Lowryand 11Alive, I am real pleased that each of you help me like you did," Bradley said.

"On the one hand you can say it should not have taken that long, but on the other hand, thank goodness we were able to get their attention through the good work of 11Alive and you and a judge acting promptly to get Mr. Bradley his benefits. It was quite a surprise that it moved so quickly, quite a surprise," Bradley said.

If you are having difficulty getting your Social Security benefits and don't know where to turn, the 11Alive Help Desk has assembled a list of resources that can assist you.

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