ATLANTA-- Every day, I'm fortunate to receive requests for deals from the great Waysto Save viewers who keep me employed.

While I'm usually recommending gadgets or endorsing deal drops, today my advice today is quite the contrary: DON'T BUY IT!

Below you'll find a list of the top 11 items I would not buy this month and in most cases, why that purchase patience will pay off.

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1) TVs: Wait until October

Why Wait? I'm getting tons of requests for TVs of all sizes and while there are some isolated plasma price drops during the summer, which we'll flag for you right here, wait until October and you're pretty much guaranteed to save at least $100 or more on the same purchase.

2) Laptop: Wait two weeks

Why wait? The wait isn't too long for laptop deals. If you're in the market for one, just hold off two weeks. Back-to-school promotions will get you computers with better specs and, in some cases, double the amount of RAM or offer a larger hard drive when August rolls around.

3) Fall clothes: Wait two weeks

Why wait? When it comes to clothes shopping, my advice is always shop against the stores. Don't buy something when stores want you to buy it. If you see that perfect September outfit in a display window in July, just wait. That same item drops by up to 60% a month later. Stores like Hollister and Abercrombie shuffle young adult clothing from "in-style" to "in clearance" by wait times as short as 10 days.

4) Back to school supplies: Wait until August 6

Why wait? If you follow just one piece of cheap advice this morning, I would not under any circumstances do your back-to-school shopping in July. The best deals drop the week of August 6, which we'll feature right here on Ways to Save.While there are exceptions, like some of the supply sales at Walgreens this week, I'd hold off.

5) Tablets: Wait until September

Why wait? Following the back-to-school promotions is generally a time where stores get desperate and drop tablet prices, before the major drops in November. In the past we've seen drops by as much as $50 on the Nook Tablet and some price slashes on the less popular and no-name tablets in the second quarter of the year. Obviously this advice does not apply to the iPad and Amazon has been stingy with Kindle sales as of late.

6) Flights: Wait until September

Why wait? We've actually already starting to see some decent reductions from the major airlines, but for those planning trips in the final quarter of this year, September is expected to be a prime time to buy. Keep in mind that in the past we've seen sharp airfare increases in October and as we inch closer to Thanksgiving travel.

7) Toys: Wait until September

Why wait? With many parents struggling to keep kids entertained throughout the summer, there's a significant decrease in the number of items actually on sale for kids. When school starts, most of the hot summer toys are already on clearance, making September a much better time to shop.

8) Cell phone accessories: Wait until August 2

Why wait? Some of the top distributors who exchange sales secrets with me on a regular basis have made special mention of the fact that August2 will see some major drops and reductions on cell phone accessories, timed to overlap alongside some great promotions from the major cell phone providers launching back-to-school plans.

9) Bedding: Wait two weeks

Why wait? Although much of the bedding that drops in August sees a reduction under the "back to school" sales umbrella, this is also a great time to buy sheets and bedding for your home. If you can't wait until Black Friday (which is the best time of the year to buy sheets and towels), a couple weeks wait is your second best bet.

10) Dorm room furniture: Wait until August 7

Why wait? As enticing as those flyers and commercials are right now, waiting just a little bit longer could save you hundreds of dollars if you're building a college dorm room from scratch. I expect major drops, promotions and even some fantastic rebates that magical second week in August.

11) GPS units: Wait until late August

Why wait? This one's been a little difficult to predict since every year I've noticed slight pattern changes in GPS unit sales. Certain years we've seen reductions the first week of September, while other years I've seen drops the last week of August. I don't feel confident providing a decisive date for you, but I will conclude many of those so-called "GPS sales" this month are on old, outdated units. Other sales this month have also shown up from the less attractive brands. In the past, the top GPS deals on Garmin and Nuvi have shown up at stores you might not typically associate with GPS shopping like MacMall and Office Depot.

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