Turning your children's clothing into cash at consignment sales may take a bit of work but sellers say it's well worth it.

Not only do sellers keep a percentage of their sales (usually 70 percent), they are often invited to volunteer at a sale to earn early access. "We set up shifts where sellers help us get the clothes out, work during the sale and help take it down after the show." said Catherine O'Connell, co-owner of the twice yearly Divine Consignments sale in Marietta.

Kip Hornsby started selling and volunteering after several years of shopping at the sale. "When you volunteer you get to shop earlier and when you get in earlier you beat the crowds and get better deals on clothes for your children," she said.

Many sales limit the number of sellers so sign up early.

And keep in mind certain sales specialize in specific types of clothes, such as boutique or designer labels and will not accept lesser brands.

Make sure your items are clean, ironed and in good condition.

And price competitively. Items that are just a few dollars are quick sellers.

For a list of upcoming consignment sales go to You can also post sales on Facebook at 11AliveDealSwap.

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