ATLANTA -- Today, one awesome new product is going to change how you relate to H20 on the go.

"Botlfilter" is an ingenious approach to portable water filtration, and the ideal alternative for those who buy bottled water.

I've decided that no matter how much I preach about the taste of local tap water, many of you disagree. Look around you at the number of people walking around with water bottles in their hands.

Today, instead I have a solution when you're at work, at the gym, at the airport, in the car and at other times where you have tap water access, but would rather filter out chlorine, pesticides and other unwanted stuff.

The "Botlfilter" works wherever you are guaranteeing portable purity.

For $19.99 + $2.00 shipping, you get 20 "Botlfilters"

1) Pop a "Botlfilter" into a reusable water bottle or plastic container filled with water.

2) Give it a shake and the water easily passes through the stainless steel filter

3) Enjoygreat tasting water that in our tests made tap water taste a lot more like Evian.

Additional Benefits:

Unlike many of the water filters on the market, the effective carbon in "Botlfilter" is non-toxic and each filter can be reused to filter one gallon of water. You can buy 16 replacement filters for $9.99. If you do the math,your filtration costs are around 15 cents per bottle.

The "Botlfilters" are made in North America and manufactured under strict standards that you won't find with overseas knockoffs.

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