WOODSTOCK, Ga. -- For the 11Alive Help Desk, keeping homeowners out of foreclosure and in their homes is a priority.

Right now in Georgia, one in every 430 Georgia homes is in the foreclosure process.

We asked our viewers to tell us if we could help with the banks, as so many viewers tell us they have tried to modify loans or refinance before it was too late, but they are often met with silence or delay.

More than 150 of you sent us emails.

One came from a viewer with no place else to turn.

As if battling cancer through chemotherapy is not bad enough, imagine the added stress of possibly losing your home.

"About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer," said Helen Gill, a Woodstock homeowner."I called the bank and was trying to refinance or get some kind of help because I didn't want to fall behind at the time. I was not able to get the help because I wasn't behind."

But that didn't last long.

As the medical bills piled up, Helen Gill fell behind on her mortgage.

She again pleaded for help.

"They wished me well and told me they hated that I was going through that but I didn't get any help," Gill said.

She said Bank of America offered numerous possible options, but in her case, none of them worked.

After months of trying to catch up on her payments, a letter from the bank arrived.

"If I get into default on making up these payments and don't pay the extra money they just told me last week that I owe, I could possibly lose my house," Gill said with alarm.

"What can I do? Where can I go next?" she asked. "I am just lost. You get lost. You don't know what to do."

Out of time and out of options, Helen Gill contacted our Help Desk.

We jumped right into action.

We immediately contacted Bank of America at their California headquarters and began a long process of trying to figure out a way to saveGill's home and get her caught up on her mortgage.

Within a few weeks, Bank of America responded.

Not only did they decide to forgive more than $1,500 due in back mortgage payments, but they also lowered her monthly payments by $140.

"I am so glad that I am going to get a fresh start and be able to try not to get behind with medical bills and stuff - be able to pay some of these off," Gill said.

For Helen and her husband Harold, Christmas sure has arrived a little early this year.

If you are facing foreclosure and unable to modify or refinance your loan, our 11Alive Help Desk has assembled a resource page with ways you may be able to see help.Visit the 11Alive Help Desk online.

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