ATLANTA -- When you head out to do your holiday shopping, your smartphone can save you money. Here are five of my favorites.

Shop Savvyand Red Laser are apps that allow you to check prices at competing stores before you make a purchase, both in stores and online. You just scan an item's barcode or QR Code. If you download both, you can make sure neither one is missing a deal. Both apps also allow shoppers to actually make purchases on their phone.

Black Friday Survival Guidehas all the Black Friday ads and a shopping list feature.

Shopkick is a location-based app that rewards shoppers who open the app and check in at various stores like Target. Shoppers can earn points for scanning items, and get instant discounts when you check into stores.

Pocketlygives shoppers instant mobile coupons based on location. Many are the same as those in the newspaper advertisements.

What are your favorite apps? Post them here.

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