ATLANTA, Ga. -- The destruction and theft of a 170-foot steel fence from the South Bend Dog Park in southeast Atlanta has rendered a major portion of the Park, used by more than 60 dog owners every day, unusable.

The theft of steel for scrap is nothing new say Atlanta Police but now thieves are targeting just about everything to recover whatever they can in scrap.

Bandits took garbage cans, wiring in light posts, even metal park benches.

But police say thefts are down from last year as recyclers are now alerting police when unusual items reach their front door.

Also, theft of copper wiring from AT&T and Georgia Power lines is down. Both now have special ID marks that cannot be removed.

But for thieves who think they will make a fast buck spending hours ripping out fencing --- it's a waste of time.

"Probably about $1,000 worth of damage but the thieves probably got $10 worth of material," said Randy Veal, a dog owner who uses the park regularly.

But dog owners agree the theft was serious business.

It's shut down one entire area.

"There is a small dog area and we put up signs because some people would not even notice there is no fence back there," Veal said.

While the dog owners raise cash to rebuild the fence, the Help Desk wanted to be sure the area could be used right now.

We contacted Allied Fencing, who put up the original fences at a cost of $18,000. They instantly agreed to come out before the weekend and install temporary fencing to replace what was stolen.

For Randy Veal, that was great news.

"That incredible. To get it that fast is wonderful. A lot of people are going to be happy and a lot of dogs are going to happy," Veal added.

And a big smile right along with it from the 11Alive Help Desk.

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