If you are shopping online there are plenty of ways to stretch your dollar with just a few clicks.

Some websites giveawayperks like gift cards or even cash if for those who use their links to retailers.

For instance, gives you rebates of anywhere from two to 20 percent. The money goes into a PayPal account which pays members by check every three months. is similar. Since the payouts vary from each site everyday, check both before shopping to see which has the biggest rebate on any given day.

Another option Shoppers can search the internet starting at Swagbucks.comand win swagbucksboth for shopping and for searching the internet. Swagbucks can be redeemed to gift cards to a variety of retailers after a certain level is reached.

Also be aware of any promotions your credit cards are offering. For example select items qualifty for free one day shipping for members who pay withtheirDiscover Cards.

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