ATLANTA, Ga. -- With less than two weeks left before Christmas, many of our neighbors may still be left without any surprises under the Christmas tree.

So 11Alive has set out to bring joy to as many families as we can.

For Bianca Stephenson and her daughters Simone and Sierra Reeves it has been a tough year.

"Just 2 months ago we were homeless. I don't like to use the word homeless--we were displaced. I was making $17 an hour on my 9-5 job, lost my job and lost my apartment and we found ourselves with nowhere to go," Stephenson said.

Now in temporary housing, Stephenson does all she can to make ends meet.

"I'm a single mother so every day is a struggle," she said.

And a struggle means perhaps a few homemade gifts under the Christmas tree and certainly not what her daughters wanted most.

"Electrical reading device, like a Nook or something, one of those tablet things. They are both very avid readers," Stephenson added.

11Alive went right to work to make the dreams of Simone and Sierra come true.

We contacted Barnes and Noble, makers of the Nook, and in less than an hour the store's top representatives arrived--Nooks in hand.

Did the girls like the Nook?

"A lot, a lot, I cannot put it into words. Thank you so much. Thank you," said Sierra Reeves.

Now both girls are off to Barnes and Noble for free classes on how to use the new device.

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