More andmore shoppers areputting their smartphones to work atthe supermarket with apps that can save money and keep shoppers organized.

Ibottais a relatively new smart phone app that pays shoppers cash for buying certain products. After opening the app, consumers select the products they plan to buy, scan the bar codes, then upload the receipt to Ibotta after checkout. Most rewards are $.25 or $.50. A shopper can redeem the rewards for cash using PayPal once the account reaches $5.00. Consumers also have the option of donating the money to charity.

Grocery IQhelps consumers make a grocery list on a mobile device and choose coupons to email or print. As of now the coupons can only be printed on a Bluetooth enabled Hewlett Packard printer. The shopping list can also be shared among family members.

Grocery Palis another app that contains shopping lists and coupons. In addition, it has the weekly sales fliers for more than a dozen retailers.

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