ATLANTA -- Of all the gadgets I test, this is definitely the favorite around our office.

I bought today's donut maker in January, waiting desperately for a price break. Today, it has arrived and if you like donuts or muffins, this is one of my favorite culinary creations.

Since I last tested donut makers two years ago, you can now find them at all sorts of stores, but my favorite one by Restaurant Classics (Smart Planet) performs the best.

At 50 percent off, you can buy one today only for $18.99 including shipping.

The 700-watt electric machine with pilot lamp and stainless steel grid makes six mini donuts.

Ask anyone in our studio; the donuts come out perfectly inthree minutes, there's nothing to clean up and the quick-bake machine actually encourages you to make healthier donuts.

You control the batter and for a quick healthier snack, you can even use muffin batter. It comes out in the shape of donuts, but you're cutting down on calories and nothing is fried.

We used the Betty Crocker muffin mix in chocolate chip, banana nut, blueberry, cinnamon... you name it! All delicious, instant and it works out to less than 10 cents per donut.

I absolutely love this product and the price. I expect it to sell out extremely quickly.

Again, the donuts that this machine makes are slightly larger than bite size and it pops out six at a time. This item ships from California, the home of Restaurant Classics, so please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

50% off Restaurant Classics donut maker

Was: $34.99 (with shipping)
Now: $18.99 (with shipping)

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