ATLANTA -- Happy almost Memorial Day, or as I like to call it, the time where everyone realizes they need a new grill once prices are already inflated. This is one of those days where I actually have not yet received hundreds of grill requests yet.

I'm instead anticipating your requests with the hope that if you do need a grill, you realize it now, while prices are at their lowest.

In a couple of weeks, sales will be slight, coupons won't be kicking around and prices like the one you see below will be nothing but a deal dream. You won't go wrong with any grill below and the first grill is primarily for grilling on the go, picnics, tailgating, or small balconies.

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63% off portable rugged 14" kettle charcoal BBQ grill

Was: $44.99 (with shipping)
Now: $19.99 (with shipping)
*Choice of two colors, performed very well in our tests.

$155 off Kenmore 4-burner gas grill w/ folding side shelves + free delivery

Was: $500.00
Now: $349.49

*Purchased by one of my anchor colleagues and this grill is incredible!

$115 off Char Broil 6-burner gas grill + free store pickup

Was: $400
Now: $285

*The most BBQ-bang you'll get for your buck this season

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