(WXIA) -- Senior Mary Kay sales director April Landrum-Johns drives in style.

"Earning a pink Cadillac is like a trophy in Mary Kay," she says.

But she knows firsthand how easy it is to lose small items in the car. Keys, quarters, lipstick -- you name it, April's dropped it. She's looking for a way to keep her stuff falling through the cracks.

April is thrilled to try the Drop Stop, which claims it's the easiest, most durable way to fill the gap in any car seat. It prevents makeup, phones, change and more from falling down and getting lost.

To install the device, April leads her Cadillac's seat back and wedges the Drop Stop around the belt buckle. She then tucks it into the gap.

The product fits neatly next to the seat. Now it's time to test it.

April drops a few of her usual items, but the Drop Stop doesn't fail her -- it catches everything.

This Mary Kay pro says the product's sleek design looks great. It has earned a permanent place in her pink Cadillac; April gives it two thumbs up.

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