(WXIA) -- The iPhone is popular, but playing songs on it can be unbearable. The lyrics are not clear, and the music is not as loud as most people want. That's why speakers are important.

The little Music Bullet Max claims it creates big sound. That sounds great to Madison, who has tried a variety of speakers for her iPhone.

"We've bought a couple of them, but either the charger breaks or it breaks, so it doesn't really work out very well," she says.

To use the device, Madison simply turns the switch, which makes the product's LED light come on. She plugs the speaker into her phone's headphone jack.

"Yeah, it's a lot clearer," she says.

The volume goes very loud and also has a bass adjuster. The only problem is the unusually short cord.

"I like how it's right here and it's easy to use and how long it will last, but I don't like how short the cord is and how easily it gets in your way sometimes," Madison says.

But for $20, she thinks it's worth it. She gives the Music Bullet Max two thumbs up.

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