ATLANTA -- Do you have a collection of pins or other memorabilia that came from the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games?

Dr Lori, Ph.D from the Discovery Channel's "Auction Kings" show appraised some 11Alive staff members' collections to give us an idea what they would bring on the retail market.

"When it comesit comes to Olympic pins you want to think about a couple of things. Pins that were issued by major sponsors like Microsoft, McDonalds, and IBM, for example, have added value," she said.

Dr. Lori said said Olympic rings on apin add to its value and pins that feature specific sports or evenaspecific event within thesport add to thevalue of a collection.

She pointed out a pin that features a coporate sponsor plus the Olympic ring symbol."Here's a fabulous pin.You've got the Olympic rings, and Coca-Cola on it, so that's about a $175 pin right there." she said.

Dr. Lori, whose syndicated column runs in more than 100 newspapers across the U.S, appraisedan 11Alive photographer's entire pin collection atbetween$3000 and $5000.

"The range is usually about $50 to $500 per pin,and during the Olympics isthe time to get top dollar for your pins," she said. "But if you wait another four years, they only increase in value."

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