Georgia's Sales Tax Holiday is August 10th and 11th, so if you're planning a big purchase like a computer, you may want to wait till then.

Here's a great question I got from a Viewer on my Valerie Hoff Ways to Save Facebook Page: Are iPads included in the sales tax holiday? The answer is yes, as long as you're buying a tablet computer that's priced under $1000.00

The list is a bit quirky.For example all types of coats and jackets will be tax free but not umbrellas. You won't pay tax on most computers but will be taxed on a computer case or briefcase.

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Other great back to school deals this week include big bargains from OfficeMax and JC Penney.

Those who join OfficeMax's rewards program can get a rebate of up to $60 on a the purchase of a backpack. The rebate is in the form of store credit and must be used with a limited time period. After rebate, the price of the backpack is a penny.

JC Penney Stores are giving free haircuts to children from Kindergarten through 6th grade at participating locations. Call your local store for an appointment.

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