Atlanta -- There are dozens of consignment sales every spring and parents can often find big bargains in gently used children's items. Here are my top three items to look for.. And three to avoid.

Bicycles for kids can be expensive.. If you find good quality one at a good price you may want to grab it. Same with DVD's and Video games.. They're really pricey new but sometimes just a few dollars on consignment.

And third, look for high end clothing. Discount store brands are often not worth buying used because they're so inexpensive new.. But dressy clothes like Easter Outfits and high end labels will save you a bundle.

What not to buy? Cribs.. Especially those built before 2011. That also includes those portable play yard cribs because new safety standards just went into effect. Older play yards can collapse.

Car seats are a risky items to buy used as well. You don't know if they've been in an accident.. Or are more than 6 years old and considered expired.

And be cautious about Baby Walkers ; safety standard changed in 2010 because thousands of accidents, most of them falls down stairs.

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