Henry County Police identified and arrested the two suspects caught stealing from Salem Baptist Church last week.

18-year-old Caden Phillips and 20-year-old Ryan Rittberger wereidentifiedby an anonymous tip.

Police recovered items stolen from the concession stand but 3 guitars and a laptop are still missing


May 18, 2012

How do you catch two thieves with no witnesses?

You start with a very good surveillance camera.

That's where Henry County police began after two young men broke into the concession stand at Salem Baptist Church in McDonough. Police Major Jason Bolton said the burglary happened between 1:00 and 2:30am Thursday.

The suspects -two young, white males -stole an estimated $2000 worth of Skittles, bubble gum, Push Pops, Coca-Cola and other concession staples.

A surveillance camera captured the entire thing on tape.

Police believe the two are also responsible for breaking into another church building to steal three guitars and a computer.More than $10,000 worth of goods arebelieved to have been stolen.

Since posting the video to their Facebook page Thursday, Henry County policehave received a number of tips, but are asking for the public's help in identifying the two young men. If you recognize them, please call 770-288-8200.

Church recreation director Jason Sikes hopes to find the young men and help them turn their lives around.

"They're young kids and they're going down the wrong lifestyle,' he said.

"They really need to get their lives back on track instead of living this kind of life."

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