STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. -- Bond has been set at $12,500 for adad charged with driving under the influencein the crash that killed his 15-year-old daughter. The wreckhappened Sunday night on Highway 78 near the main entrance to Stone Mountain Park.

Anthony Johnson has also been charged with vehicular homicide in the 1st degree, failure to maintain lane, and endangering the life of a child while DUI,according to DeKalb County Police. Johnson's two daughters and two sons were in the car during the crash. Fifteen-year-old Corliss Johnson was killed. Her 11-year-oldsister wascritically injured.

Police saidJohnson couldn't find his cell phoneafter his Chrysler Pacifica spun out of control and crashed into trees, sohe and his 8 and 9-year-old sons walked more than a mile to the Metro Cafe to find help for the girls, who stayed behind.

Johnson told cafe workers another vehicle hit his car in the rear, spinning it out of control. He said a second car then struck it in the side, sending it into the trees.

DeKalb Police have found no evidence of other cars being involved in the crash.

Two lanes of eastbound Highway 78 were closed for several hours while police investigated the wreck.

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