ATLANTA -- New synthetic drugs manufactured to skirt a new Georgia law have been banned by the Georgia State Board of Pharmacy.

Manufacturers of synthetic pot altered the chemical structure of the drug so that it didn't fall under a state law adopted by the Legislature in April.

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TheGBI crime lab identified a handful of the new drugs and went to the Board of Pharmacyto include them in the emergency ruling. The Board of Pharmacy can ban the drugs, but they cannot make the sale or use of them a crime.

Rick Allen, the Director of the State's Drugs and Narcotics Agency said the ruling will act as a stop gap measure until the State Legislature can adopt a new law to outlaw the new drugs.

"And if there are any additional substances that are found being abused, then the Pharmacy Board will take additional emergency action to schedule those drugs," Allen said.

Before the ink could dry on the ruling theCherokee Multi-Agency Narcotics Squad(CMANS) removed the new drugs from store shelves in Cherokee County.

"We're working as hard as I've ever seen law enforcement work together to do something about this and to protect the public," Allen said.

Allen said it's going to be a vicious cycle because the manufacturers of the drugs and the stores are making a lot of money. "You don't know what you're taking when you get this stuff," he said. "It's totally off the charts and I don't think (manufacturers) even know what they're putting out there."

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