ATHENS, Ga. -- University of Georgia's police chief said Wednesday that a young boy sexually molested another young boy inside a campus dorm room where they were both staying while attending one of UGA's summer sports camps.

The chief, Jimmy Williamson, said theincident occurred late Sunday night or early Monday morning insideRussell Hall, where dorm rooms each accommodate two people.

According to the police report, one of the boys complained that the other boy made physical contact with "intimate parts of the juvenile's body without consent."

The boy immediately told an adult, UGA police were called in, and investigators met with both boys and both sets of parents.

Williamson said the victim's parents then asked him to drop the case, which he did, although he reported the incident to the state for possible follow-up.

Williamson would not release the boys' ages, saying he did not want to disclose any personal information about them, but he emphasized the word "young" and "very young" several times, calling their ages a factor in his decision to close the case.

The offender left the UGA campusand went home with his parents.

Williamson said it is next to impossible to supervise children closely enough, 24 hours a day, to prevent a child from assaulting another child.

He said the two boys had not known each other until they met at sports camp. Parents are often able to arrange for their children to room with kids they already know and trust, as a way of trying to prevent something like this.

Counselors from another program said child abuse training is pretty much standard now for all camp counselors.

"Just watching out for child abuse, all the symptoms and signs of whether it's at camp or home, just anything that's going on," said one young woman at UGA who is counseling camp kids for the summer in another city. "Obviously, the kids' safety in the camp -- anytime that a kid is placed in your care, you want to make sure that they're okay, and their safety is the number one issue ... It's always going to be hard to prevent it."

No one with the UGA sports summer camp programs was available to speak with 11Alive News Wednesday.

With this case closed, the camps are continuing, uninterrupted.

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