ATLANTA --A Los Angeleswoman told Atlanta police she had just flown into Atlanta for her son's baseball tournament when she was shot in the face early Friday morning. Both the woman and her husband said it happened as she drove north on Interstate 75. Based on what they were told, Atlanta policesaid it may be a random act of violence.

Police Capt. Adam Lee III said it happened as the woman and herhusband neared the Northside Drive exit. They said another vehicle drove ahead and to the left of them,then the passenger leaned out of the car and began shooting back at them. At least five rounds hit the Hertz rental car, with twogoing through the windshieldand hittingthewoman in the nose and cheek.

The woman's husband wasnot injured, and both told police there was no provocation for the shooting. Lee said if that's true, road rage would have to be factored out.

"It's a very scary situation because we don't know what the problem was," Lee said. "At this point it appears to be just a random act of violence. So we're just trying to see what we can do to get evidence from the scene to see where we go from there."

The woman is listed in stable condition at Piedmont hospital, and the questions continue.

Atlanta police did not find any shell casings on the highway, and the man' account of what happened clashed slightly with that of his wife. He said handgun, she said larger gun. He said Chevy Malibu or Impala, she said SUV.

The police said eyewitness accounts often differ between people, and they have to treat this case asone of those very rareones: a crime with no motive.

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