MABLETON, Ga. -- Every so often, surveillance cameras capture clear video of a crook's face.

Police are hoping everyone seesa video they just obtained.

It shows one of the men suspected of going onathree-day crime spree last week in Mableton. Police say he and the otherscommittedeight smash-and-grabs, atseven businesses and one church.

He wasn't wearing a mask when a surveillance camera captured a nice, big closeup of him.

Who is he?

The video shows him, briefly, in front of thecamera as he and one other man are burglarizing a liquor store, Top Shelf Liquors on Floyd Road, in the middle of the night.

Although the accomplice has on a mask, the other guy offers up a clear view of himself.

"Seems like they just want to do harm, that's all," said Emerson Fernandez, one of the business owners the burglars struck last week.

Fernandez supplied surveillance video to police, too;his video shows burglars breaking into his supermarket, Carniceria la Mexicana on Mableton Parkway, last week.


Click on the raw videos from both surveillance cameras, includedon this page, andwatch the brief slide show on this page, to see if you recognize any of the burglars, from the way they move, or dress. For example, one of them throws with his left hand.


The video from the supermarketshows three young men, with their faces covered,walking up and down the sidewalk in front of the store. Then two of them throwheavy objects through the glass doors, climbing through the shattered doors, and running away with three cash registers.

Fernandez, whose store was burglarized last year in addition to last week, said crime is threatening his store's survival. It's not that he keeps any cash in the registers, it's that the registers themselves cost hundreds of dollars each to replace, in addition to the cost of repairing the cables and the torn connections to the server.

"Sometimes we feel like we can't take it anymore," he said. "We, in this economy, are trying to hard to stay in business. Incidents like this could harm, even make us close, the business."

"We want to apprehend these subjects," said Det. Lt. Carole King of the Cobb County Police Department.

Lt. King believes all eight burglaries were committed by the same three young men.

"In every single case they're smashing out the front window with some sort of object," King said. "And in virtually every case they're also taking the cash register."

The burglars smashed their way into John Makinde's specialty grocery store, Broadway Tropical Foods on Austell Road, ransacked the counter area, and destroyed his electronic cash register in their search for cash, which they never found because Makinde learned from the first time his store was burglarizednever to leave cash in the store overnight.

"I mean, the economy's worse for everybody, but... I don't think it's fair for people just to go after other people that are trying, day in and day out, to make ends meet, especially when you invest your own money," Makinde said.

"We do need the public's help in this case," Lt. King said.

Cobb County police -- and business owners in Mableton and Cobb County and beyond -- are hoping someone will recognize the man in the video and contact police with the tip.

Det. C.B. Northen

Lt. King called last week's incidents inMableton"an unusual string of burglaries," and all of them occurred in the overnight hours:

  • June 26 Star East Chinese Restaurant, 5015 Floyd Rd.
  • June 26 Top Shelf Liquors, 5015 Floyd Rd.
  • June 27 La Pasadita Taqueria, 6260 Mableton Parkway
  • June 29 Broadway Tropical Foods, 3565 Austell Rd.
  • June 29 Mexico Lindo Restaurant, 3565 Austell Rd.
  • June 29 Iglesia Profetica Ciudad Church, 5932 Mableton Parkway
  • June 29 Carniceria la Mexicana, 6200 Mableton Parkway
  • June 29 Plaza Liquors package store, 6200 Mableton Parkway
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