UPDATE (August 7, 2012) -- Jerry Chester, 11Alive's Fugitive of the Week on November 30, 2011 has been arrested in Cobb County. The U.S. Marshals said one of Atlanta's biggest drug suppliers is finally off the streets.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Eric Heinze told 11Alive News that a Crime Stoppers tip said Chester was in jail in Cobb County after being arrested on August 3, 2012 and he was using a false name. "I was able to confirm he was arrested by Cobb County and was currently in the Cobb County Jail under the name Tony Robertson,"Heinze said.

He said Chester was identified through fingerprints. Chester was arrested while police were conducting a drug investigation into 10 kilos of heroin in Smyrna. "Chester (aka Robertson) fled on foot and was apprehended a short time later and charged with Obstruction, Possession of a Firearm and Possession of Methamphetamine," Heinze said.

He said the tipster told them friends of Chester's, aka Robertson, were trying to bail him out of jail and they needed to catch him before he got out.

"The charges in Cobb had a no-bond status and Chester would have been discovered eventually," Heinze said. "The Crime Stoppers tip was what got the ball rolling for me to place the federal hold on him."

Original story follows:

ATLANTA -- Jerry Chester is 11Alive's Fugitive of the Week. He's wanted by the U.S. Marshals Counter Gang Unit. The 28-year-old Atlanta man has outstanding federal warrants for Distributing Illegal Narcotics and Weapons Violations.

He has been a wanted man since August 2011 and Marshals believe he's still distributing drugs in Atlanta. "He's working or residing in the Atlanta area, and he's responsible for millions of dollars of narcotics on the streets of Atlanta," said Deputy Marshal Eric Heinze.

Marshals said Chester ran a drug trafficking organization out of a condominium on Memorial Drive in East Atlanta until June 3, 2009 when they executed a search warrant there. "They found a large amount of U.S. currency, they found a lot of illegal narcotics, and they also found equipment that you need for the specific reason of packaging narcotics in bulk," Heinze said.

Chester is on the top rung of the drug distribution ladder, and his drugs go to the heads of many Atlanta street gangs, according to the Marshals. They believe he's still hanging out in the neighborhood where he used to distribute drugs from or around the Decatur area.

Chester uses several aliases including Rodrigus Harris, Jerry Saunders or Montrez Saunders. On the street he uses the nick names "Tang" and "Poo-Tang."

Heinze said Chester may have altered his appearance by having plastic surgery, dying his hair red and bleaching his skin. He said Chester is well protected. "He doesn't operate alone," he said. "He operates with associates, and they'll warn him."

Chester should be considered to be armed and dangerous. "He has a vast amount of financial resources, and people are afraid to inform police on his whereabouts," Heinze said.

Heinze said Chester has to go out on the street to places where everybody goes on a daily basis, like the store or a gas station. They ask anyone who sees him to call Crime Stoppers Atlanta at 404-577-TIPS (8477).

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