Early Wednesday morning, a iPhone became a crime-fighting device for Atlanta police.

At 12:30 AM, an Atlanta woman was robbed by three men at gunpoint. She told police the men took her purse and her iPhone. Police used the phone's "Find My iPhone" app to pinpoint its location -- in this case the corner of Peachtree Street and North Avenue. That's where they found the phone, the purse, the robbers, and their gun.

"It's a common thing now," said Officer Kim Jones of Atlanta P.D. "People can be sitting down having coffee or on the phone talking, and people can walk up to them and snatch their phone."

Police transported the victim to the area to make a positive ID. They arrested three men: Carlos Johnson, Kelvin Gaston, and Clifton Kilpatrick.

The "Find my iPhone" app is a free download that comes with the new iOS6 operating system. It can be downloaded by any iPhone user from the App Store.

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