COBB COUNTY, Ga -- It seems sometimes that even crime has its fads. The latest one may be burglaries of landscaping equipment. Cobb County Police are investigating a rash of such burglaries in the past few days.

My Personal Gardener, a landscaping company on Riverview Road was hit by a burglar three times in three days. Police released surveillance video from those burglaries that show a very daring burglar.

On September 14, 2012 he rammed a gate to the property with a flat bed truck and stole several thousand dollars worth of equipment. He came back on September 16, 2012 and drove a semi-tractor through the gate. "We have never seen anything like this before," said owner Andrew Watson.

Watson said he parked a pickup truck in front of the doors to a container that housed the company's equipment but the burglar used the semi-tractor to ram the pickup truck out of the way. Then he tied a chain to the door from the truck and pulled the door open.

The suspect left and came back overnight on September 17, 2012 and cleaned the container out. He also stole one of the company's trucks. Watson said he was so mad he was at a loss for words. "After the second time they wiped us out, I don't know, it's horrible," he said.

Cobb County Policesay two other landscaping businesses had similar burglaries but no surveillance video. They think they all might be connected. "He could be selling it on Craigslist, he could be going on eBay, he could be using some himself, I'm not sure what he's doing with it," said Detective Bruce Witt.

Another business within a mile of My Personal Gardener was hit twice this week.Landmasters in Smyrna was burglarized on October 15, 2012. After purchasing new equipment to replace the stolen equipment the burglars came back the next day and stole the new equipment.

If you have any information about the burglaries or know who the suspect in the video is, call Cobb County Detective Bruce Witt at 770-499-4523.

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