UNION CITY, Ga. -- The Union City Fire Department and the Metro Arson Taskforce are asking for help to find a serial arsonist in Union City.

According to the Union City Fire Department, the same fire setters are believed tohave started over 35 brush/woods fires and one structure fire.

Investigators are searching for two suspects who have been in the area of several of the reported fires. Fire officials said the fires are becoming more frequent. They believe an abandoned residence fire may have also been set by these individuals.

Union City is also working with the Georgia Arson Control Program, Inc. to post information that a reward of up to $10,000 may be offered to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the arsonists.

To deal with the fires, the Union City FD has required help from the Fairburn and Fulton County FD, and the Georgia Forestry Commission, fire officials said.

Firefighters are concerned that the arsonists will become bored of woods fires, and begin setting larger fires that could damage or take down structures, leading to more possibilities of injuries and deaths.

Firefighters have suffered minor injuries from tackling the woods fires.

Information from the public shouldbe directed to Georgia Arson Control at (800) 282-5804, or Battalion Chief Larry Knowles at (770) 515-7958.

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