EAST POINT, Ga. -- His family says 15-year-old Miguel Chavarria had just taken his Christmas picture a few days ago. Thursday he was dead.

Police say he was killed while running away from a stolen car he was in with several other juveniles. The vehicle had just crashed near a set of dumpsters at an apartment complex in East Point.

"They called us and told us that he was on the ground," said a relative. "The ambulance came and his parents went over there."

Friday night, friends and family were at his home, leaving thoughts and prayers on a paper mural on the wall. They describe him as a popular kid who got into mischief, but didn't deserve to die.

"It was wrong what he was doing," said the relative. "But it's a murder because (the gunman) was chasing him to kill him."

The shooting happened at the Lexington Two apartments last night shortly before 9 p.m. One witness, who did not want to be identified, described through a translator what he saw.

"He was in the living room watching TV, and then he heard a big bang. He walked outside to see what was going on. "He just saw a short African-American man just shooting toward the victim."

So far there have been few leads. And the description of the killer is vague: Dark-skinned black male; 30-40 years of age; 5-ft-5-inches tall with a short fade haircut. He was also wearing all dark clothing.

"We're checking in the neighborhood now," said Lt. Kenneth Drake Of the East Point Police Department. "We're passing out anonymous tip cards; we're leaving them on the doors."

The family is trying to raise money for a reward. They say the viewing for Chavarria is set for next Monday. Police say if you have any information please call 404-763-8477.

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