CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- A Clayton County man accused of abusing his girlfriend's kids was officially charged with murder at a court appearance Tuesday.

Two-year-old Jaiden Harvey and his three brothers were rushed to the hospital on July 11th. An 11Alive investigation revealed one of the brothers was suffering from internal bleeding after the mother's boyfriend punched him in the stomach. Now, that same man is charged with murder.

Kemra Mathew was already facing child abuse charges for that punch. Now, murder charges are added to the docket.

Jaiden's father Gary Stokes said he'd been trying to get the boys out of the home. A month before Jaiden's death, he took the boys to the doctor to be treated for unexplained cuts and bruises. The doctor said it was abuse. Stokes said he reported it, but the Department of child and Family Services disputes that. They had been investigating the home, but just two days before the death reported the boys were healthy and happy.

DFACS declined to comment on Jadien's case. Investigators have been treating it as a homicide, and were waiting for toxicology results.

Stokes' murder arrest came Tuesday night, but details have not been released on how Jaiden died.

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