ATLANTA - "God bless him," was all Twana Bonner could say on Thursday about the man she believes took the life of her young son.

Five-year-old Robert Love III died Tuesday afternoonnot long after getting off his school bus.

He was hit walking home with a friend in the Kensington Station Apartment complex.

According to the family's attorney, the 10-year-old friend who survived said a speeding Federal Express delivery truck narrowly missed him and struck Robert Love.

"He tried to get the attention of the FedEx driver to stop him; the FedEx driver continued on; the boy was hit and he lay on the pavement," claimed Atlanta attorney Forrest Johnson at a news conference.

Although they impounded the FedEx truck at the scene of the tragedy Tuesday, DeKalb County Police told 11 Alive News on Thursday that they have still not determined who's at fault because they have conflicting statements from witnesses.

The FedEx driver, who has not been named, has not been charged.

But the lawyer for Robert Love's family said all the witnesses his investigators have interviewed point the finger squarely at the delivery truck driver, who he claimed was lost, speeding and driving recklessly.

"There were no other vehicles around, so I don't understand how anyone has come up with any story about some other vehicle being involved," attorney Johnson said.

"These people (witnesses) were there not within minutes, we're talking about within seconds," he added.

Johnson said he and the family want to meet with FedEx, but will probably end up filing a law suit.

Funeral plans for the child have not been finalized.

Meanwhile, Federal Express emailed a statement to 11 Alive on Friday.

"We are heart-broken about this little boy and our thoughts and prayers go out to the Love family. We are actively cooperating with authorities in their investigation," it said.

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