GRAYSON, Ga. -- More than a hundred people attended a candlelight vigil for a murdered Gwinnett County teenager at a football field where he spent a large part of his childhood.

"The community is appalled," football coach Daniel Mahoney said.

Gwinnett county police have yet to say if they believe someone broke into the house or followed 14-year old Paul Sampleton inside. But they do say burglary appeared to be the motive.

Sampleton's father found his son's body on the kitchen floorWednesday afternoon. The police report says Sampleton had been bound and shot.

On Friday afternoon, Gwinnett County's S.W.A.T. descended on a home less than a mile from the crime scene. A police spokesman said officers served a search warrant but would not say if it was connected to Sampleton's murder.

Sampleton was a freshman at Grayson High School. He had arrived home earlier than normal, after taken his final exams for the semester.

Classes are out for winter break, butcounselorsremained at the school on Thursday in case students wanted to come by and talk. The schools says most students chose to call instead, talking less about their grief and more about trying to find ways to help the family during this difficult time.

While police have yet to discuss what they believe the thief or thieves were after, Sampleton's friends are convinced it had something to do with his shoe collection.

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Classmates said the popular teen was well-known for his large collection of expensive, brand-name tennis shoes. Friends speculated on social media that the teen may have been killed by someone trying to steal his sneakers.

Sampleton had a knack for getting hot items early. His friends said hemanaged to get a pair of Jordan's Bred 11's weeks ago, even though they don't go on sale until Friday, December 21st.

Sampleton frequented a local website, that helped shoe collectors buy and trade the latest fashions, fueling concerns someone from that community might have targeted Sampleton.

But one of the site administrators told 11Alive, Sampleton had not logged onto the website since October 21st.

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