HAPEVILLE, Ga. -- Police say 62-year-old Stewart Walton died, whileprotecting his wife.

Around 9:30 Tuesday night, the couple pulled into their driveway on Dorsey Road.

On Wednesday evening, Crime Stoppers and Hapeville police announced a $2,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of the suspects involved.

When the robbery began on Tuesday, Walton had gone to unlock the side door as she waited in the car, when police say two armed men attacked.

Police said one of the men tried to get inside their house as Walton unlocked the door. Another gunman, held his wife hostage by the car. According to the police report, she heard him ask, "What do you want?" Then a response, "Just open the door and get in the house; get in the house."

Seconds later, came a command.

"He told her to run and when he started to run, they went after him, both suspects. And when he was running, they shot him," Detective Sgt. Barry Barnes with the Hapeville police department said.

As Walton's wife ran inside, her husband went to his neighbor's home knocking on the window for help. He was bleeding badly after being shot in the leg. Unfortunately, that family wouldn't come home for another 30 minutes.

"Apparently he thought somebody was home because the light was on. We always leave the house light on," Ramah Skillon said, clearly upset she couldn't be there to help.

When no one answered, police say Walton tried a home across the street but he never made it to the door. He collapsed in the front yard.

Police won'tsay whatthe robbers got away with, other than Walton's wallet. But they are comparing notes with other cities that have reported similar crimes, hoping to get a better suspect description.

"These are just other avenues for us to check out. It's not to say that they are connected, but we're going to check every avenue that we can," Barnes said.

Investigators believe it was a crime of opportunity and that the suspects and victims were strangers.

"It's really unfortunate, but times are hard and people are doing desperate things. It's unfortunate and I'm really sorry for the family," neighbor Mary Rainwater said.

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