ATLANTA -- An alert Atlanta police officer on routine patrol early Tuesday morning noticed some strange activity near the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.

According to Carlos Campos of the APD, the officer noticed the suspicious activity around 12:30 Tuesday morning, near New Town Circle in southwest Atlanta. The officer saw an Oldsmobile Alero parked along the curb next to the fence around the work cam area of the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.

According to Atlanta Police sources,the officer said by shining a light,he saw four men near the fence of the prison either tossing something over the fence or putting items through the fence at the prison facility in Southeast Atlanta. The men were dressed in gray sweat pants and shirts, black ski masks and black gloves.

Officers apprehended the suspects,and found that the group was attempting to get guns, cell phones and alcohol through the fence and onto the prison property. The suspects immediately ran.

Three of the suspects scaled the fence back onto prison property, and the fourth drove away in the Alero. Campos reported that the vehicle was abandoned quickly at 610 New Town Circle.

The driver fled on foot, but police did not find him.

When officers searched the Alero, they found over 20 cell phones, four 30-packs of beer, three cases of whiskey, several bagsof protein powder and two loaded handguns.

Federal authorities are not commenting at this time, but the FBI is involved with the investigation into the incident.

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