CLARKSTON, Ga -- T and T Video has been a fixture in downtown Clarkston for nearly twenty years. Clarkston PoliceChief Christine Hudson said she can't remember the Vietnamese video store ever being robbed.

On Tuesday night that changed when a masked gunman stormed into the store and demanded cash. The robbery was captured on the store's surveillance cameras. "It was a bold armed robbery," Chief Hudson said.

The suspect threatened a male clerk and a female clerk by pointing the gun at their heads. He was wearing an earflap hat and a white mask over his face.

The video shows him taking cash from both clerks and from a cash register. He also stole one of the clerk's cell phones, according to Chief Hudson.

Before he left the store he struggled with the 19-year old male clerk. That's when the suspect shot him in the arm. Chief Hudson said the clerk was lucky and they are hoping someone can identify the suspect before he robs another store.

"We're hoping they may recognize his clothing and give us a call at the Clarkston Police Department with any information so that we can run down any leads," she said. "We're also checking the other agencies within our area, with DeKalb County to see if they've had any similar incidents."

If you recognize the suspect call the Clarkston Police Department at 404-296-0998.

The owner of T and T video didn't want to be interviewed on camera, but he told 11 Alive News the 19-year old clerk who was shot is going to be okay. He said he is still at the hospital in stable condition.

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