LAS VEGAS -- The search has widened to the southeastern U.S. for a 26-year-old man who police call the prime suspect in a shooting and fiery crash that killed three last week on the Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas police Capt. Chris Jones said Monday that investigators were tracing places where Ammar Harris lived and worked in the past.

Public records show Harris lived in South Carolina and Georgia.Hewas convicted in Atlanta of marijuana possession in 2005. According to the Fulton County Sheriff Office web site he wasarrested forbattery in 2008. Cobb County Sheriff officials said Harris was arrested for reckless driving and driving with a suspended license in 2008. Both are misdemeanors.

Hewas arrested in Miami in December on a reckless driving charge.

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Harris also was arrested last year in Las Vegas on pandering, kidnapping, sex assault and coercion charges.

Harris is accused of firing shots into a Maserati, killing an aspiring rapper, and causing a crash and explosion that killed two people in a taxi at the heart of the Strip.

Las Vegas officials said his arrest was "of the highest importance." "To anyone who is aware of his location or who is assisting Ammar Harris in any way, you will be arrested and prosecuted," warned District Attorney Steve Wolfson. "You may think you're being a friend but keep in mind Ammar Harris is wanted for the murder of three citizens."

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