DECATUR, Ga. -- A DeKalb County man has been sentenced to eight life sentences plus 135 years in prison for raping or trying to rape five women.

Gary Mincey's sentence was handed down Tuesday in DeKalb County Superior Court. He was found guilty of stalking and attacking women outside a Publix and two other businesses in 2011.

"These women's lives have forever been changed by the heinous acts of a serial rapist. We hope this guilty verdict and sentence will bring some form of relief to each one of our victims and loved ones," DeKalb County Chief Assistant D.A. Nicole Marchand Golden said in a statement.

"Mincey will never live another day as a free man because of the jury's verdict and today's sentence," Golden added. "There is a monster who no longer roams the streets of DeKalb County."

According to information presented in court, Mincey sexually assaulted his victims and robbed them of electronics, jewelry and money. He was convicted on 17 felony counts, including rape, aggravated sexual battery, armed robbery, burglary and false imprisonment.

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